June 7, 2010

Things I need to do before this year is over:

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1. Create my own portfolio

2. Make my own pillow prints, thus I need to learn how to do my own prints. Helloo T’s!

3. Buy acrylic paint, and big canvases.Or ask mum to ship them over from Sweden.

4. Work on my anger. Really I need too. I’m a monster in disguise.

5. Apply for jobs, tons and tons of them.

6. Buy a fancy camera, preferably a Canon SLR.

7. Do yoga at least every other day.

8. Learn to forgive and forget. Let people in again that once hurt me. Major oh oh..

9. Set up my own web page.

10. Figure out my creative name?? Brand?

11. Learn and master Google SketchUp & Live Interior 3D

12. Take a course in something creative and exploring. Spanish has been on my mind for years. Time to take a plunge?

13. Meditate every single night. Every single night. Have to.

14. Not erase myself after the time has passed. Embrace my own changes. Appreciate my own whimsical self. Realize that, no, I’m probably not like everyone else, I probably never will be. So. Embrace it.

15. Stop trying to please my parents expectations. Start pleasing my own expectations instead.

16. Have fun!


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